02/05/19 Provide a counterexample that a language is not in NP

02/05/19 Termination checking for Scott-encodings in System F with positive-recursive types

02/05/19 The Next Chapter

01/05/19 Why is the halting problem decidable for deterministic LBA? [on hold]

01/05/19 The last paper of Catherine Rényi and Alfréd Rényi: Counting k-Trees

01/05/19 How hard is deciding the existence of Red-Blue perfect matching?

01/05/19 TR19-065 | Derandomization from Algebraic Hardness: Treading the Borders | Mrinal Kumar, Ramprasad Saptharishi, Noam Solomon

01/05/19 Linkage

01/05/19 How to find the shortest path within a huge unweighted graph

30/04/19 TR19-064 | Randomness and Intractability in Kolmogorov Complexity | Igor Carboni Oliveira

30/04/19 Network Coding Yields Lower Bounds

29/04/19 Speed-up theorem and RAM machine

29/04/19 Asymptotic time required to simulate a Turing machine M for k steps

29/04/19 An obstruction like ETH

29/04/19 A complexity-class of problems that cannot be solved in finite time

29/04/19 x3 + y3 + z3 = 33 has a solution in Z. And its big!

28/04/19 TR19-063 | Efficient Black-Box Identity Testing for Free Group Algebra | Abhranil Chatterjee, Vikraman Arvind, Partha Mukhopadhyay, Rajit Datta

28/04/19 Finding the maximum no. of people who get along in a group [on hold]

28/04/19 Where does a C-like language without heaps belong in the automata hierarchy?

27/04/19 Technical issue with PCP theorem proof

27/04/19 Information conservation during multiplication [on hold]

27/04/19 Notion of "quotient" or "inverse" for recognizable tree languages?

27/04/19 New York Area Theory Day (Spring 2019)

26/04/19 Infinite $\beta \eta$-reduction sequence implies infinite $\beta$-reduction sequence

26/04/19 Why is this proof of correctness of the Dijkstra algorithm wrong? [closed]

26/04/19 What degree of hash function independence is needed for Bloom filters?

26/04/19 Efficient search for solving a Jigsaw Puzzle? [migrated]

26/04/19 Online Optimization Post 2: Constructing Pseudorandom Sets

26/04/19 Regular Tree Languages are closed under quotient?

25/04/19 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, May 1st — Chris Peikert, University of Michigan

25/04/19 Uniform mortality problem for Turing Machines

25/04/19 Call for Participation: HALG 2019 (Highlights of Algorithms)

25/04/19 Geo-Centric Complexity

25/04/19 Online Optimization Post 1: Multiplicative Weights

24/04/19 Why Check A Proof?

23/04/19 Tree Automata Operators [migrated]

23/04/19 Euler characteristics of non-manifold polycubes

23/04/19 Is the Set of all Primitive Words a Prime Language?

23/04/19 Quiz Show Scandals/Admissions Scandal/Stormy Daniels/Beer names:being a lawyer would drive me nuts!!!!!!

23/04/19 The more things change the more they stay the same

22/04/19 Online Optimization Post 0: Definitions

22/04/19 P=NP Proofs

21/04/19 TR19-062 | Quantum Lower Bounds for Approximate Counting via Laurent Polynomials | Scott Aaronson, Robin Kothari, William Kretschmer, Justin Thaler

21/04/19 TR19-061 | A Quantum Query Complexity Trichotomy for Regular Languages | Daniel Grier, Luke Schaeffer, Scott Aaronson

21/04/19 The (Random) Matrix and more

19/04/19 Not yet retired from research

19/04/19 A Reason Why Circuit Lower Bounds Are Hard

18/04/19 Physics of Everday Life

18/04/19 TR19-059 | Samplers and extractors for unbounded functions | Rohit Agrawal

17/04/19 Just says in P

17/04/19 Gothenburg, Stockholm, Lancaster, Mitzpe Ramon, and Israeli Election Day 2019

17/04/19 Online Optimization for Complexity Theorists

17/04/19 The Early Years of Computing in Italy

16/04/19 TR19-058 | Extractors for small zero-fixing sources | Pavel Pudlak, Vojtech Rodl

16/04/19 Tensors: Algebra-Computation-Applications

15/04/19 A Personal Story of a Founder

15/04/19 Good article, terrible headline

14/04/19 Monochromatic grids in colored grids

14/04/19 TR19-056 | A Lower Bound for Relaxed Locally Decodable Codes | Tom Gur, Oded Lachish

14/04/19 Randomness and interaction? Entanglement ups the game!

12/04/19 New conference: ACM-SIAM Algorithmic Principles of Computer Systems (APoCS20)

12/04/19 Can one efficiently uniformly sample a neighbor of a vertex in the graph of a polytope?

12/04/19 Wonderful world

12/04/19 Elwyn Berlekamp Died April 9, 2019

11/04/19 Coloring kinggraphs

11/04/19 New conference announcement

11/04/19 UK-Russia Workshop on AI for Software Engineering

11/04/19 2nd Summer School on Proof Theory

10/04/19 Hilbert-Bernays Summer School on Logic and Computation 2019

10/04/19 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, April 17th — Thatchaphol Saranurak, TTIC

10/04/19 TCS Women

09/04/19 The Ethical Algorithm

09/04/19 Seeing Is Believing

09/04/19 Preferences, decisions and games

09/04/19 Donate to AddisCoder!

09/04/19 Computer Science Summer in Russia

08/04/19 737: The MAX Mess

08/04/19 Problems with a point- NOT a plug, just some thoughts on books and book writing

07/04/19 Photos from Barbados

07/04/19 PCP Fest videos

05/04/19 News for March 2019

05/04/19 STOC 2019 travel grants

05/04/19 Congratulations!

05/04/19 Avi Wins The Knuth Prize

04/04/19 Cuckoo Cycles

04/04/19 Beware of fake FOCS site!

03/04/19 FOCS 2019 Real website and submission server

02/04/19 Knuth Prize to Avi Wigderson

01/04/19 An Interdisciplinary approach to P vs NP

01/04/19 The SAT/SMT/AR Summer School

01/04/19 The Breakthrough Result Of 2019

31/03/19 Is it Legitimate/Ethical for Google to close Google+?

30/03/19 Physics & Computation Blog Post Round-up

29/03/19 Integer Multiplication in NlogN Time

28/03/19 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, April 3rd — Richard Peng, Georgia Tech

28/03/19 Nominate TCS papers for research highlights

28/03/19 And now for something completely different

28/03/19 Scooped

27/03/19 Tested by time

27/03/19 Call for Papers: Workshop on Behavioral Economics and Computation at EC 2019

26/03/19 On PC submissions at SODA 2020

26/03/19 News addicts: Sign up for the CATCS newsletter

24/03/19 Random Thoughts on the admissions scandal

22/03/19 Danny Nguyen and Igor Pak: Presburger Arithmetic Problem Solved!

22/03/19 Workshop on Algebraic Complexity Theory

22/03/19 The Curse of Euclidean Metric: Square Roots

22/03/19 The Shortest Path To The Abel Prize

21/03/19 Back at Dagstuhl

18/03/19 TYI38 Lior Kalai: Monty Hall Meets Survivor

17/03/19 Third Poll on P vs NP and related Questions is out now! And the winner is Harambe!

17/03/19 Leprechauns Go Universal

15/03/19 Can we reverse time to before this hypefest started?

15/03/19 News on Fractional Helly, Colorful Helly, and Radon

15/03/19 How to identify m numbers using m/log m checks

14/03/19 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, March 20th, Aleksandar Nikolov, University of Toronto

14/03/19 Captain Einstein

14/03/19 Submit your failures to CFAIL 2019

13/03/19 Planar graphs needing many lines

13/03/19 “Quantum Computing and the Meaning of Life”

12/03/19 Counting polygon triangulations is hard

11/03/19 HALG 2019 (Highlights of Algorithms) - Final Call for Short Contributed Presentations

11/03/19 Incidences: Open Problems (part 1)

10/03/19 Richard Karp: His influence and how to honor him

08/03/19 STOC 2019 workshop and tutorial proposals

08/03/19 QED

07/03/19 A dream come true, sort of: E-ink monitors

07/03/19 Death of proof greatly exaggerated

04/03/19 How are there 20 copies of my new book through other booksellers and why are they so highly priced

03/03/19 News for February 2019

28/02/19 Flying Pigs Unsafe at Any Speed

28/02/19 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, March 6th, Shayan Oveis Gharan, University of Washington

27/02/19 De-sneering my life

21/02/19 Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

19/02/19 Using `who will be the dem VP choice' article in class

15/02/19 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, February 20th, Sepehr Assadi, Princeton

14/02/19 The iPhonification of Everything

13/02/19 Four updates

11/02/19 I think ze was confused -- in favor of genderless pronouns

10/02/19 Divisive factorials!

08/02/19 News for January 2019

08/02/19 ACM SIGecom Elections

07/02/19 List of quantum-inspired algorithms

07/02/19 An Immerman-Szelepcsényi Story

06/02/19 HALG 2019 - Call For Submissions of Short Contributed Presentations

05/02/19 恭喜发财!

03/02/19 STOCA workshop

02/02/19 More FAT* blogging

01/02/19 Black Holes, a Complexity Theory perspective

31/01/19 A Room with a View

30/01/19 Deadline approaching – 2019 Gödel Prize

29/01/19 FAT* Session 2: Systems and Measurement.

28/01/19 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, February 6 — Ran Canetti, BU and TAU

28/01/19 FAT* blogging

28/01/19 Selling your town to the marijuana industry

26/01/19 Algorithmic Unfairness Without Any Bias Baked In

18/01/19 SIGACT Award deadlines

18/01/19 Upcoming Nomination Deadlines: Gödel, Knuth, and SIGACT Distinguished Service Award

15/01/19 Glauber’s dynamics


11/01/19 SIGecom Dissertation Award call

10/01/19 2019 SIGecom Dissertation Award: Call for Nominations

09/01/19 ANALCO, SOSA, SODA post

09/01/19 Nemirovski’s acceleration

09/01/19 My last 3.5 years

07/01/19 CATCS mailing list and sign-up link

05/01/19 News for December 2018

12/18 Steal This Book!

12/18 SIGecom Test of Time Award

12/18 The Great Big Christmas T-Shirt Giveaway!

12/18 Incidences in a Recent Work of Walsh

12/18 The theoryCS blog aggregator REBORN

12/18 $50M to Northeastern Computer Science

12/18 2019 Gödel Prize

12/18 Do nominate talks for HALG 2019!

12/18 News for November 2018

12/18 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, December 12 — Julia Chuzhoy, TTIC

12/18 Symmetry

12/18 The theoryCS aggregator

12/18 NeurIPS 2018 Post

12/18 I am looking for students

11/18 EC 2019 Call for Papers

11/18 How does Batch Normalization Help Optimization?

11/18 Should credit scores be used for determining residency?

11/18 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, November 28 — Eric Balkanski, Harvard University

11/18 A short proof for Nesterov’s momentum

11/18 Call for Nominations - HALG 2019

11/18 “Highlights Beyond EC” Session at EC 2019

11/18 shoving marijuana down the throats of Newton’s residents

11/18 TCS+ talk: Wednesday, November 14 — Urmila Mahadev, UC Berkeley

11/18 What do you know that deserves more publicity?

11/18 Toronto is hiring in computational geometry

11/18 News for October 2018

11/18 5th TOCA-SV Coming this Friday

11/18 Empty nest season

11/18 What do I work on ?

11/18 Simons Cluster on Algorithmic Fairness

10/18 An Uncitable Result?

10/18 to opt out must vote no to sham 2-4 “limit” and vote yes to Opt Out

10/18 Rabin Postdoctoral Fellowship Advertising Post

10/18 MIM UW – great place to work!

10/18 On teaching ethics to tech companies

10/18 Another technological tragedy

10/18 Google's analysis of the dilemma of free speech vs hate speech

10/18 A new sexual harassment policy for TCS conferences.

10/18 Remembering Michael

10/18 News for September 2018

10/18 Just coincidence?

10/18 NSF Program Director openings in Algorithmic Foundations

09/18 UIUC is looking for quantum people

09/18 The dynamics of Lagrange and Hamilton

09/18 How to generalize (algorithmically)

09/18 Simple and efficient semantic embeddings for rare words, n-grams, and language features

09/18 How to rig an election

09/18 Fair Elections

09/18 New NSF Core Program: Foundations of Emerging Technologies

09/18 Lenore Blum interview

09/18 The “Technologists” and Society

09/18 Hello World: A short review

09/18 Amazon Scholars Program

09/18 Total search problems workshop at FOCS

09/18 News for August 2018

08/18 NYC Discrete Geometry: Introductory Meeting

08/18 2nd NAS Held Prize

08/18 Microaggressions

08/18 Amazon Research Awards

08/18 You Cannot Serve Two Masters: The Harms of Dual Affiliation

08/18 The cryptographic leash

08/18 EulerCoin CPU mining pool launched

08/18 News for July 2018

07/18 The Mind Wanders

07/18 CATCS Slides from STOC ’18

07/18 Symposium on Simplicity in Algorithms, Submission Server

07/18 Linear Algebra Riddle

07/18 Discrete Geometry Classic: Two-distance Sets

07/18 A Brief Introduction to Adversarial Examples

07/18 News for June 2018

07/18 Discrimination and the conference publication system

06/18 Kearns in News

06/18 Towards Actionable Intelligence

06/18 STOC Lunch Sign-ups, and Reminder

06/18 An Exposition on Geodesic Convexity

05/18 Points in General Position

05/18 Some updates

05/18 Sympoisum on Simplicity in Algorithms, 2019

05/18 STOC 2018, Early Reg Deadline

05/18 Optimization notes

05/18 Lecture Notes on Algorithms for Convex Optimization

05/18 New TCS Awards List

05/18 Theory Jobs 2018

05/18 Coarse-ID Control

05/18 SIGACT-Related Stuff

05/18 Lost Horizons

04/18 Catching Signals That Sound in the Dark

04/18 Three announcements

04/18 The Ethics of Reward Shaping

04/18 New Papers/Code for MIC and MINE

04/18 Two pages of the book, stuck together

04/18 SAGT and WINE 2018

04/18 Sublinear Algorithms Workshop

04/18 Metrical task systems on a weighted star

04/18 Navigating a convex body online

04/18 Competitive analysis, a new config

03/18 An Ad-Hoc Committee on Sexual Harassment and Related Issues

03/18 Youtube channel

03/18 Swedish Summer School

03/18 thinking algebraically or geometrically

03/18 Clues for Which I Search and Choose

03/18 Call for nominations for the SIGecom Dissertation Award

03/18 How (un)likely is an "intelligence explosion"?

03/18 Can increasing depth serve to accelerate optimization?


02/18 Midcentury Monuments

02/18 Workshops in 2018

02/18 #metoo (Guest Post)

02/18 A #metoo testimonial that hits close to home...

01/18 k-server, part 3: entropy regularization for weighted k-paging

01/18 BeyondMR18 Deadline Approaching

01/18 Notes from JMM 2018

01/18 UCSD Spring school on Quantum Computation

01/18 Double blind review: continuing the discussion

01/18 Flipping Wyoming

01/18 Fairness and The Problem with Exploration: A Smoothed Analysis of the Greedy Algorithm for the Linear Contextual Bandit Problem

01/18 Double-blind, ALENEX

01/18 Double blind review at theory conferences: More thoughts.

01/18 Report on double blind reviewing in ALENEX 2018

12/17 Sir Roger Penrose’s Toilet Paper

12/17 Theory of New CS

12/17 k-server, part 2: continuous time mirror descent

12/17 The Threats to the Net

12/17 Graduating Bits/New TCS Book

12/17 Sudden Deaf

11/17 Radon plays the urn

11/17 Harvard CS Concentrators Jump Again

11/17 BARC, Copenhagen

10/17 Cake cutting algorithms in prison

10/17 Call for Nominations for the SIGecom Doctoral Dissertation Award

10/17 Amazon Docs, Theory Research kindles some fire.

10/17 Planar Matching in NC

09/17 "X is a social construct" and the perils of mining behavior.

09/17 Sunsetting ICORE

09/17 AI + Marketing Workshop

09/17 Simulated Annealing for JPEG Quantization

09/17 Grace Hopper College

08/17 (Sublinear) Time Meets Space

08/17 On free speech, gerrymandering and self-contradictory rule systems

08/17 Heavy Hitters Continued

08/17 Artificially Intelligent Assistants, KDD Panel. What happened.

08/17 Opening for NSF CCF Division Director

08/17 Artificially Intelligent Assistants: KDD 2017 panel

08/17 Best Post I've Read on the Google Memo

08/17 Shout-out to Meena Boppana

08/17 A beginner’s guide to PC chairing

08/17 Video Recording Screencasts of Talks

07/17 Advice on video recording lectures?

07/17 NSF Program Director opening in Algorithmic Foundations

07/17 Lectures on YouTube

07/17 Approximately Yours

07/17 Current Harvard Oddness

07/17 Submit your papers to WWW 2018

07/17 WINE 2017 : Conference on Web and Internet Economics

07/17 Mitzenmacher and Upfal, 2nd Edition

07/17 Counting Your Chickens Before They’re Pecked

06/17 Pauli braiding

06/17 STOC General Comment Page

06/17 Life in Piecewise Linear Form/ACM Awards

06/17 TheoryFest Day 3: Plenaries

06/17 Minority Report and Predictive Policing

06/17 Peeling a corner of the grid

06/17 Things spiral out…

06/17 Theory Jobs 2017

06/17 Some class notes on planar graphs

05/17 Dark times

04/17 67th Midwest Theory Day

04/17 SAGT 2017 deadline extended to 5th May

04/17 Unitary Correlation Matrices

04/17 Open Problems in Communication Complexity

04/17 Algorithms in the Field: The PI Meeting

04/17 What motivated me to create TrueShelf ?

03/17 Extreme Streaming

03/17 Conflict-Free Coloring: The movie

02/17 Quote from Les Misérables

02/17 Exciting new book

02/17 9th annual NYCE meeting

02/17 Experiments with Reviewing

01/17 Job/Intern Announcements

01/17 Quid qPCP?

01/17 Teaching Communications Security and Social Movements

01/17 Discrepancy: a constructive proof via random walks in the hypercube

12/16 QCryptoX: post-mortem

12/16 Discrepancy: definitions and Spencer's six standard deviations

11/16 Amazon Postdoc at IISc, India

11/16 January Fairness Workshop at Penn

10/16 Two weeks in

10/16 The Binary Sketchman

10/16 EATCS Fellows 2017 - Call for Nominations

10/16 Who could have predicted this?

10/16 Estimating Transitive Closure via Sampling

09/16 One week later…

09/16 Semester on Fairness and Algorithms at Penn

08/16 Constructive Hardness Amplification via Uniform Direct Product

08/16 New Theory Blog

08/16 Pseudo-calibration for Planted Clique Sum-of-Squares Lower Bound

08/16 Now

07/16 Irreducible languages

07/16 Deterministic Sparsification

06/16 Intro to the Sum-of-Squares Hierarchy

06/16 Eight brass monkeys from the ancient, sacred, holy crypts of Egypt

06/16 Simple Lower Bounds for Small-bias Spaces

05/16 Fast Johnson-Lindenstrauss

05/16 TCC 2016-B Call For Papers

04/16 TCC 2016-B: Deadline May 20

04/16 ESA'16 Deadline Approaching

01/16 problems with blogs

11/15 Follmer’s drift, Ito’s lemma, and the log-Sobolev inequality

11/15 A geometric proof of Okamura-Seymour

11/15 Embeddings and extendable geodesics

11/15 Entropy optimality on path space

11/15 Is there a natural problem in quasi-polynomial time, but not in polynomial time?

10/15 Slides and Videos from DIMACS

10/15 Better Circuit Lower Bounds for Explicit Functions

10/15 Penn is Hiring in Computer Science

09/15 Lecture notes for the Summer School on Combinatorial Optimization at HIM

08/15 East Coast Workshops

08/15 Purifying spoiled randomness with spoiled randomness

08/15 Cynthia Dwork on Algorithmic Fairness

08/15 Distribution Testing: Do It With Class!

08/15 Navigate the garden of the forking paths

08/15 Summer School on Theoretical Neuroscience

07/15 Work is work and it shouldn’t be expected on the weekends

07/15 Don Knuth on SAT

07/15 Indistinguishability Obfuscation and Multi-linear Maps: A Brave New World (Guest Post by Ran Canetti)

07/15 Historical talks

07/15 Entropy optimality: Analytic psd rank and John’s theorem

07/15 Polytopix news app (for iOS)

06/15 An action packed Monday at FCRC

06/15 Tune in at 9:30am (12:30pm Eastern)

06/15 Colocate, Colocate, Colocate

04/15 Netecon deadline in two weeks

04/15 Rating my co-authors

03/15 Tutorial talks, and a reminder that total search problems are not NP-complete

03/15 Polytopix is hiring

03/15 Forbidden Directed Minors and Directed Pathwidth

03/15 Towards practicing differential privacy

03/15 Personalization in Polytopix

03/15 Resources for Church's paper "An Unsolvable Problem of Elementary Number Theory"?

03/15 Sublinear Day at MIT

02/15 Game theory and cool-kidology

02/15 STOC 2015 Call for Workshops and Tutorials

02/15 Throwback Thursday: Emmanuel Candes

02/15 Welcome

02/15 Bringing Differential Privacy to the Masses <3

02/15 Sketching and Embedding are Equivalent for Norms

01/15 NetEcon 2015

01/15 Game theory and anger

01/15 CPM 2015

01/15 The complexity of choosing a seat on a bus

01/15 How to share a box of chocolates

12/14 The negative impacts of random conference decisions

12/14 The NIPS experiment

11/14 Differential Privacy Workshop in London

10/14 Analysis of Boolean Functions book now available for free download

09/14 Call for Nominations for EATCS Fellows 2015

08/14 A talk about the Halting Problem

08/14 ICM 2014

07/14 Insensitive Intersections of Halfspaces – STOC 2014 Recaps (Part 11)

07/14 So Alice and Bob want to flip a coin… – STOC 2014 Recaps (Part 10)

07/14 Faster, I say! The race for the fastest SDD linear system solver – STOC 2014 Recaps (Part 9)

07/14 Typos and mistakes

05/14 The blog is finished, the book is available

05/14 Some tips

05/14 Chapter 11 notes

04/14 Source for open-source textbooks for computer science?

04/14 The ball-coverage property and a great journal turnaround time

01/14 Conversations with graduate students

01/14 String indexing and compression with the FM-Index

01/14 Bringing current events into the technical classroom

12/13 A Little Security Flaw in Lots of Places

12/13 Students!

12/13 Undergraduate algorithms study guide

12/13 Women in Theory Workshop: Call for Participation

12/13 Mentoring junior faculty — what does your school do?

11/13 TSP in 1-planar graphs

10/13 article on privatisation of universities

10/13 What are the equilibria of this game?

10/13 2 research posts in Algorithms and Complexity, Oxford


09/13 Is it a blog? Or is it epsilon-far from being a blog?

09/13 Postdoc positions in algorithmic game theory at the University of Oxford

06/13 Three talks at SOCG

06/13 2013 Game Theory and Computer Science Prize

06/13 The power of a sysadmin

06/13 The economic impact of astronomy

05/13 SPARC 2013

04/13 OSU announces new theoretical computer science group!

04/13 Algorithms group doubles!

03/13 SPIRE 2013

03/13 Computational topology at SOCG 2013

03/13 A real-world path auction (sort of)

03/13 Busy busy

02/13 Elsevier Editorial System

02/13 Tutorial Videos on and around Differential Privacy

01/13 What would Aaron Swartz want you to do?

12/12 A Boole’s Errand

12/12 WINE update

12/12 Announcing Sublinear.Info!

10/12 UMass hiring in theory!

09/12 The Bootstrap Species

09/12 DIMACS Workshop on Differential Privacy

07/12 Grant writing style questions

06/12 Bill Cunningham^{65}

06/12 Diagrams

05/12 Measuring the Difficulty of a Question (What Complexity Theory Is)

05/12 ICPC Brain-Buster

04/12 The $17,500 computer science degree

04/12 What’s Cancer?

04/12 A Better Idea than Signature by Squiggle

03/12 What Color Is

03/12 The Nutrition Google Game

03/12 crash course in TCS

02/12 Women in Theory workshop — applications due February 29

02/12 ICITS 2012 — playing with the format

01/12 Undergraduate-appropriate summer projects

12/11 Wonderful, funded undergraduates for the summer

12/11 Your FOCS registration may have caused an unwanted registration to ActiveAdvantage

11/11 The Joy of Randomness


10/11 Teaching Matroids

10/11 Reviewing a paper multiple times

10/11 Free trip to SODA

10/11 My office hours are gender balanced

09/11 Thinking like a computer scientist

09/11 Inoffensive stable matching

09/11 How do you find conference acceptance rates?

07/11 Responsibility for versus responsibility to

07/11 Conversations with other theoretical computer scientists

05/11 Lecture notes for Baker's technique for PTASes in planar graphs

05/11 A lens on the sciences

02/11 Topology through crochet

02/11 A flat 6-pack of SODA

02/11 PC innocence

12/10 Experiments in teaching: am-I-ready-for-this? quiz followup

11/10 What does arXiving mean?

11/10 Writing reference letters

11/10 A skulk of FOCS talks

10/10 Women are not at an advantage in our field

10/10 Experiments in teaching: problem-solving sessions

10/10 Experiments in teaching: am-I-ready-for-this? quiz outcome

10/10 Experiments in teaching: am-I-ready-for-this quiz

08/10 Announcement: n-th Annual Combinatorial Potlatch 12/11/10 at Western Washington

08/10 Experience Theory Project and Prezi

08/10 Lessons on writing conference reviews

07/10 Summer undergraduate research projects in theory

04/10 Journals ranked by turnover times: now with colour!

04/10 Journals ranked by turnover times?

04/10 Adaptive analysis

03/10 Privacy in the NYT

03/10 IPAM Workshop Wrap-Up

02/10 2010 Sloan Fellows

01/10 SODA 2012 to be in Kyoto, Japan

01/10 SODA 20 minute talks

11/09 Donation price of anarchy

11/09 nth Combinatorial Potlatch

11/09 Postdoc after postdoc after postdoc?

10/09 Job talks

10/09 INFORMS on the Smart Grid

10/09 How to find a postdoc

10/09 What theory should every non-theory Ph.D. student know?

09/09 Why blog?

09/09 Algorithms advertising for incoming grad students

09/09 Newly minted

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