02/05/19 Data Wave in the Cloud: Reconsidering Cloud Security

02/05/19 This Week in Spring: Spring Cloud, Kafka, and More

02/05/19 The High-Cost Excuses Preventing Test Automation

02/05/19 SD Times news digest: Microsoft announces new VMware Solutions, Qtum releases developer tools in Google Cloud partnership, Privitar report: organizations not trusted with data privacy, Puppet upgrades infrastructure automation portfolio

02/05/19 How to Install JDK 8 on Linux Operating System?

02/05/19 A Digital Transformation Story: Enterprise Integration Through a DevOps-Driven iPaaS API Architecture, Part 1

02/05/19 Security Monitoring with Jeff Williams

02/05/19 5 Reasons Why DevOps Is a High Demand Job

02/05/19 Five Simple, Yet Effective Ways to Spring Clean Your Cloud

01/05/19 Docker launches foundation to foster education

01/05/19 SD Times news digest: Revamped Codefresh adds streamline tool, SAFECode gets several new members, CloudBees joins Automotive Grade Linux, Talend announces advancements to Data Fabric

01/05/19 Microservices Integration Tests With Hoverfly and Testcontainers

01/05/19 Scripting Plugins in Jenkins Pipelines

01/05/19 Why You Should Use COPY Instead of ADD When Building Docker Images

01/05/19 Assessing Cloud Backup Solutions: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud

01/05/19 Kubernetes in Production: Operating etcd With etcdadm [Video]

01/05/19 Monitoring Microservices on AWS Lambda

01/05/19 What and Who is DevOps?

30/04/19 IT's Role in the Cloud Era

30/04/19 Cloud APIs and How to Mitigate the Security Risks

30/04/19 Run Axon Server on Kubernetes or Virtual Machines?

30/04/19 Dell, VMware Team Up To Tackle The Hybrid Cloud

30/04/19 Episode 9: How to Deliver a Kubernetes Microservices Platform

30/04/19 Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Labs Roadmap

30/04/19 Learn How to Leverage Jenkins Pipelines for Mainframe DevOps on GitHub

30/04/19 An Explorative Guide to the Google Cloud Certifications

30/04/19 DevOps Heroes: Adding Automation Integration to Your Toolbox

29/04/19 14 (More) Open-Source Tools for Taming Kubernetes

29/04/19 18 Features to Consider When Evaluating an Enterprise Kubernetes Solution

29/04/19 Better email automation

26/04/19 Serverless Web Apps With Knative Compared to AWS Lambda

26/04/19 What is Selenium? Getting Started With Selenium Automation Testing

26/04/19 Cloud with Eric Brewer

26/04/19 How to Develop Your First Cloud-Native Applications With Java

25/04/19 Working With AWS And Kubernetes Together

25/04/19 The Open Cloud for The Future

24/04/19 Deconstructing Serverless Computing Part 1: A New Layer of Abstraction

24/04/19 VMs vs. Containers for Microservices

23/04/19 Microservices and DevOps Using Java, Spring Boot, Git Flow, Jenkins, and Docker

22/04/19 Serverless Runtimes with Steren Giannini

19/04/19 Contracts for Microservices With OpenAPI and Spring Cloud Contract

17/04/19 Surface Kubernetes Errors with Sentry

08/04/19 AI-Based Video Preview from Cloudinary (Sponsored)

04/04/19 How Intelligent Process Automation Drives Growth & ROI in the Financial Services Industry

02/04/19 Awesome Automation and Integration with Buddy

21/03/19 Kicking neural network design automation into high gear

19/03/19 Serverless GraphQL with Tanmai Gopal

14/03/19 Linux Kernel Development with Shuah Khan

14/03/19 How Nextcloud Uses Sentry to Build Private, Federated Clouds

07/03/19 LinkedIn Monitoring Infrastructure with Alexander Pucher

05/03/19 Catching Up on The Open Group Open Process Automation™ Forum (OPAF): A Conversation with Ed Harrington

28/02/19 Exception Perceptions: 4 Best Practices for Using Docker Compose

14/02/19 Kubernetes Security with Liz Rice

13/02/19 Replicated: On-Prem Deployments with Grant Miller

12/02/19 Uber’s Monitoring Platform with Rob Skillington

08/02/19 Knative: Serverless Workloads with Ville Aikas

07/02/19 VMware Kubernetes Strategy with Brad Meiseles

25/01/19 Kubeflow: TensorFlow on Kubernetes with David Aronchick

23/01/19 Who Contributed to PostgreSQL Development in 2018?

21/01/19 Guest post: “Like a Swarm of Locusts…” (Vijay Vazirani)

14/01/19 Kubernetes in China with Dan Kohn

11/01/19 Why Is Storage On Kubernetes So Hard?

10/01/19 Zeit: Serverless Cloud with Guillermo Rauch

09/01/19 Cloud Events with Doug Davis

08/01/19 Multicloud with Ben Hindman

07/01/19 Stateful Kubernetes with Saad Ali

12/18 5 Predictions for AI & Intelligent Process Automation in 2019

12/18 Kubernetes privilege escalation update for Tectonic users

12/18 What’s New in Kubernetes 1.13

10/18 Monitoring muscles to improve athletic training

09/18 Welcome to Kubernetes 1.12

08/18 Prometheus - transforming monitoring over the years

07/18 Celebrating Istio service mesh project at 1.0 and what it means for the Kubernetes community

07/18 Happy birthday, Kubernetes: Here’s to three years of collaborative innovation

07/18 Should I Run Postgres on Kubernetes? Part II

07/18 Should I Run Postgres on Kubernetes? Part I

06/18 Kubernetes 1.11: Custom Resources, Pod Priority and Preemption, and more

06/18 Fedora CoreOS, Red Hat CoreOS, and the future of Container Linux

06/18 Who Contributed to PostgreSQL Development in 2017?

05/18 #24 Data Science in the Cloud

05/18 Built-in Sharding for PostgreSQL

05/18 Bringing CoreOS technology to Red Hat OpenShift to deliver a next-generation automated Kubernetes platform

05/18 Introducing the Operator Framework: Building Apps on Kubernetes

04/18 Introducing the Vault Operator for Kubernetes

04/18 New Annotated Config Files for PostgreSQL 10

03/18 Getting acquainted with Kubernetes 1.10

03/18 Kubernetes security bugs patched in Tectonic 1.7 and 1.8

01/18 CoreOS to join Red Hat to deliver automated operations to all

01/18 Better autoscaling with Prometheus and the Kubernetes Metrics APIs

01/18 Last Week in Kubernetes Development: Week ending January 21

01/18 Last Week in Kubernetes: Week ending January 14th

01/18 Container Linux patched to address Meltdown vulnerability

01/18 Unlocking the secrets of the Vault Open Cloud Service on Kubernetes

12/17 Tectonic 1.8 and the Open Cloud Services Catalog are now available

12/17 Kubernetes 1.9 and a look inside the Kubernetes project

12/17 Old Ice Cream Containers

09/17 PostgreSQL's Hash Indexes Are Now Cool

09/17 Surviving Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638

07/17 UIUC, VPN, and ssh on linux

04/17 Who Contributes to PostgreSQL Development?

04/17 New Features Coming in PostgreSQL 10

02/17 Getting the GPU usage of NVIDIA cards with the Linux dstat tool

08/16 Uber's move away from PostgreSQL

06/16 Looking for senior IT/DevOps people

05/16 PostgreSQL Regression Test Coverage

05/16 Changing PostgreSQL Version Numbering

04/16 PostgreSQL 9.6 with Parallel Query vs. TPC-H

02/16 Stupid Docker Tricks: running Firefox in a container

02/16 JSONB, PostgreSQL and Go

01/16 PostgreSQL Past, Present, and Future: Moving The Goalposts

12/15 A Christmas present: PostgreSQL 9.5 RC1

12/15 Meet the newest member of the PostgreSQL community: MongoDB, Inc.

11/15 PostgreSQL link round-up

03/15 PostgreSQL Shutdown

03/15 Parallel Sequential Scan for PostgreSQL 9.5

01/11 SOA & Cloud Symposium Podcast

10/10 CORA and cloud computing: part II

09/10 CORA and cloud computing: part I

08/09 Joining Cloudera

07/09 Cloud Computing and the Reality

04/08 Cloud: commodity or proprietary?

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